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Being fit and feeling good about yourself ins't always easy when you put everyone else and your work first. Lets make it easy with little adjustments to your fitness, food & fabulous self.


Hey Wellness Warrior!

What crazy times we live in! COVID-19 has landed and we’re hoarding bog roll like we’ll never see it again!

We promise this is the last time we’ll mention the C word. This membership is FREE OF CHARGE and here to create a community of wellness warriors who are staying as fit and upbeat as they can through this crisis. Isolation is no joke and some will feel more isolated that others, so this community is a place to workout together, chat, grab a morning coffee over a webinar and stay sane!

What’s included?

  • 8 Weeks worth of home workout videos using just your body weight
  • My Immune Boosting Guide
  • Access to our Skinny Jeans School Community Facebook Group
  • As much support as I can give around wellness at this time

The workouts here are aimed at beginners and progress with difficulty each week, so start with week 1 and move on from there.¬†These workouts are not aimed to give you a ‘BEASTING’. This isn’t the time for that! They are aimed at giving you a recommended 30 mins of activity each day and to keep you sharp!¬†Physical stress is just as taxing on the body as mental stress, so let’s avoid working out too hard.

I will keep adding to the membership, the Facebook community group and anywhere else so I can to give you as much wellness info as I can during this time.

We hope these workouts and guides go someway to making your isolation easier. Let’s come together as a community and stay positive


Community Wellbeing Membership